Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Can't Believe My Baby is TWO!

I am way too exhausted to post pictures right now so sorry... Today has been a BIG day! We had an open house for Boo's birthday and S's graduation. It was so much fun and I was really surprised with how well Boo handled all the people and noise and attention he received. He did so well and only had one meltdown at the beginning. And I guess it wore him out because he was asleep by 7:30pm, and that is after having taken a two hour nap today!

This day feels sort of sentimental for me. In preparation for the open house, I looked through all the pictures we have taken of Boo, choosing some to put in a slide show and some to print and frame (one for each month of his life). There were about 2000 pictures of Boo in total. I narrowed the slide show down to 329. :) It was 11 minutes long. Nobody but Mama would want to sit and watch that, I suppose, but he is just too cute and I can't resist.

It is remarkable how much this little boy of ours has been through. He was so little - and so sick! Now he is a big boy, although he is still quite short for his age (still less than fifth percentile...). He is such a happy boy too. I have so much to learn from him! I am happy because he is happy, even though circumstances in his life sometimes make me sad. But he is happy (90% of the time - he is about 10% two-year-old at this point), and when he is happy, I have no choice! Isn't that a blessing?!?

I am so grateful for little Boo in my life. I couldn't possibly enumerate all ways and things he has taught me in the past two plus years (even during his pregnancy!), but having him here with S and I has been one of the greatest possible joys and learning experiences of my life.


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Boo! I'm so glad you're mom threw a party for you and wish I lived closer and could come visit!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

JoDell said...

Happy B-day, Boo! I wish we could have been there...I would have loved to see the slideshow. :)