Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It's been two years! And quite frankly, we both agree that it seems like it has actually been soooo much longer. This is not to say anything about the quality of the past two years, but it is to say a TON about the QUANTITY of happenings in the past two years. Our wedding day was so much fun. I love looking back at the pictures. We are obviously so happy to be wed and so in love.

I am happy to report that we are still happy and still in love, although much has changed. We used to lament that we did not marry during the "poor college years," because we imagined those years to be a wonderful time to "live on love" alone and grow close to each other. But, our "gravy days" did not last long. We have been welcomed in to the world of budgets and bills and mortgages and not being like Thomas Jefferson (who, according to John Adams, was never known to have denied himself anything). We love it. Hopefully someday we will be "loaded" (a prerequisite to our purchasing any number of things, according to S), but right now we are content (and when we are not, we remind ourselves that we are!). :)

It doesn't get much better than being married to such a thoughtful, caring, sympathetic, handsome, and humble husband as mine. I love him SOOO much and I am so glad to see him fill his fatherly role in our home. Boo couldn't ask for a better "da-da" (Boo's words!) either. Yay for our marriage! Yay for the temple! Yay for love! Yay for eternal families!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!