Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boo's Recent Mischief and More

To start off, here are some semi-recent photos of Boo doing his thing. From above left: Boo and one of his favorite toys (the 60cc syringe) in his new stroller; Boo and Dad - can you tell what is missing? (p.s. this picture was taken as we were switching out nasal cannulas, he still does need oxygen 24/7); Boo being happily impatient for Mama to get his breakfast (ie. to put his tray over him so he could play with his toys. This little guy has no concept of hunger!).

Now for some contrasting photos...

1. Boo LOVES frosting! Thanks for buying Walmart cupcakes just for me to play in, Mama!2. That's ENOUGH Mama! No more pictures. In fact, hand over that camera!2. Wild child. Who gave you permission to play Peek-A-Boo in the middle of the night?!1. OK, Dada, give me your glasses and you can play with your Blackberry in peace.2. OK, Dada, now hand over the Blackberry.1. Nursing?????2. Don't be fooled! :)1. Boo worked himself into a corner and then cried because he couldn't get out. (He only knows how to move forward and side to side.)2. After I so graciously removed him from his self-imposed time-out, he proceeded to scooch his little bum to him therapy board and erase it! Someone didn't want to do his assignments!