Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boo's Extended Second Birthday Party

So my original intent for our little celebration on May 1st (open house for S's graduation and Boo's second birthday) was to have everyone over and visiting throughout the afternoon and then when everyone (or at least mostly everyone) was gone, to help Boo open his presents and see what he did with his little train cake we bought for him. Here are some pictures of our open house before it started. (I was too busy playing hostess to take pictures during the actual party). I am not much of a decorator, but we went for some ASU colors of tablecloths, cakes, balloons, napkins, and plates. My sister, S, helped out a TON - she is the one cutting the cake. Thanks so much to everyone who attended! We had a great turnout and a great time - even our anxious little Boo smiled and played the whole time. He particularly liked to watch his cousins throw the balloons around.Well, where there is a "baby-two-year-old" involved, things don't always go as planned! :) May 1st ended up being our stake's Priesthood Meeting, so S left with his friend K to go to that right after the open house. Which left an exhausted Mama and a surprisingly exhausted Boo together to clean up and get ready for bed. We cleaned up as much as could be expected and went straight to bed, Boo around 7pm! So much for our little family part of the party! The next day, we got out the little train cake and I will let the pictures tell the story of the proceeding events. Yep, it was about as disasterous an experience as I could have possibly dreamed. I knew he would not eat the cake, of course, but I did not anticipate that he would think the cake was actually a toy train and be completely horrified/traumatized upon touching it! I felt so terrible! He cried a different sort of cry than his usual "I'm upset/tired" and it was too sad. After taking only a few pictures, we scooped him up and tried to cheer him up on his way upstairs to bed. I don't ever want to hurt that poor little guy's feelings again!

So obviously we did not open presents that night. We were busy with other things on the next few evenings, so we did not get to it then either. Finally, on May 6th, we got around to the present opening segment of his prolonged birthday party. It is so fun to see Boo's little personality come out and see him gain a little confidence to interact with other people. He isn't much for opening presents or new toys (he will get used to them eventually - it is part of his developmental stage and also his general anxiety towards the unfamiliar - people, places, things...), and he CERTAINLY isn't much for cake, but he is SOOO much fun and such a complete joy to have in our home. We are so grateful he could celebrate his birthday with us at home, and we are just so glad to have him in our family. We love you Boo!!!!!

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