Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is the place...

Where Boo lives. (It has been rearranged/significantly improved, especially considering that we have no changing table. Where Boo sleeps. He has taken to sleeping with some sort of cloth (no favorite blankie at this point) and sucking it with his thumb. This position is taken in his sleep, as well as before his sleep, so it is a sure indication that he is tired. He also manages to scoot himself up to the top of his bed during the night, thus becoming my "Scooty Boo-ty"!Where our rose bushes (aka. eye sores) used to be. They are gone! Yay! (P.S. Thanks S!) :)Where our new couches reside. (Ignore the mess, please). They were used, actually. We are so thrilled with our little purchase. They were a great deal, so there is no buyer's remorse here! Pretty much it is our dream couch. 2 recliners, a hide-a-bed, a little storage place for all of S's pocket items, and it's in good condition. I think we would have picked this color too, although considering the color we are painting our house, it may not have been my number one choice. We will just have to see how it looks. Then if anything goes, it will be the paint because we love our couches!

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