Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boo's 'Cation

I will comment on each of these pictures, starting at the bottom and moving up (just for confusion's sake...)

1. This is me, playing with my choo choo, all ready for my big cation!
2. Typing some emails while sitting in my pack and play in the hotel. This was my first hotel stay. Nothing much to speak of. I didn't even get to touch any surfaces of the hotel!
3. Me and Mom, looking at some cows at a rest area. This was a much needed break, as I was packed in the car tight and Mom was squashed!
4. Driver's seat made changing station. Thanks Dad!
5. Hard turn to the right!
6. A good driver in the making.
7. Final destination: Grammy and Grampy's house! (The grapes were not for me.)
8. Me and Grampy reading my favorite story.
9. Me and Dad kicking back at the Bandshell, listening to a nice concert in the park. By the way, this music was totally tolerable for me, but if my Mom gets out her flute or my Aunt H gets out her violin, watch out!!
10. Me and Aunt H
11. Me playing, my cousin O eating.
12. A crazy species bred only in Sioux City...
13. I really was packed in there like another piece of luggage. Mom and Dad are lucky that I am a good sport! I didn't cry but for about 5 minutes during the whole trip!

It was sure good to see everyone at Grammy and Grampy's house! We had a really fun trip. Thank you Grammy and Grampy for helping us have such a fun time. We love you!

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