Sunday, May 3, 2009


Boo is ONE as of May 1st! This is a big milestone for our whole family - one that we hardly foresaw a year ago. Here is a quick run-down of the happenings of this weekend.Opening Presents - Boo had almost zero interest in opening presents. It was really too hard for him. I bought Cars wrapping paper, since he is a "Car Baby" (a story for another day). I took about 45 minutes wrapping everything (I am NO good at this!) and then we peeled it off in about 5 minutes. I now know what it is like to be a parent, with respect to the present wrapping part. Kind of a bummer. As expected, Boo did enjoy the paper. Then we took all his presents out of the packaging and he liked them too. He acquired: baby keys, a baby cell phone, some outfits, a Bumbo (we are almost sitting independently, just not quite...), a baby laptop, and some sanitizing products. He is set to be grown-up, just like his parents! :) Sometimes we still feel like we are pretending to be grown-up.

Balloons bouncing off head - As I was wrapping his birthday presents, I blew up five blue balloons. He doesn't care about them at all. However, I tried handing him a balloon a couple of times. Of course, the balloons are too big for his hands, but they did hit his head, which was really funny. It seemed like they were really heavy and they pushed his head backwards. So cute.Eating Frosting off cupcake - In lieu of buying a big birthday cake (since it is only the three of us and S doesn't like cake and Boo doesn't eat, I thought this wise), I bought six cupcakes. I love cake, so I ate 3. I put one on Boo's tray and he sort of dove right in! I was SHOCKED! He ordinarily will not touch anything resembling food. Anyway, he didn't willingly eat any, but since he is a "Sucky Thumby"...

Bath - We gave him a bath right after the cupcake scenario. It was all really very fun. We didn't care about getting anything messy. In fact, I saved another cupcake to do the whole thing again tomorrow! :) Unfortunately, the frosting was dark blue...probably NOT the best choice for a baby with a heart defect...Turning Blue - We wouldn't have known if he had, because he was significantly blued with frosting! It was great to see food all over him and his high seat and especially on his face. He didn't seem to notice that there was frosting on his fingers when he sucked them, but he didn't care either, so that was encouraging.

Barbecue with family the next day - Boo's first extended family outing was to D and A's house for a barbecue. Since it was nice out, he got to stay outside in his stroller and see everyone, including the kids from a distance! Otherwise, we were going to go somewhere while S visited with the family. It was so nice to be there all together and to see most of S's siblings.

Blessing - Today was Boo's baby blessing at church! I thought this day would never come, especially since his surgery got postponed, thus lengthening the amount of time we have to seclude ourselves. (Surgery for G-tube and Nissen will be June 1st now, so we will have to keep him in until mid-June). S was nervous but he did a great job at his first baby blessing! Yeah, S!! It was a very emotional day. It didn't help that the bishopric changed in the same day. :)Tuxedo - Instead of the traditional baby boy blessing rompers that go over baby's head, we got him a baby tux. (With all his tubeys etc, it is difficult to get things over his head). The tux was SOOOO cute! I had to buy a large (12 month), which I knew would be too big, but how else should I buy clothes for a guy that is 12 months wide and 9 months long? :) It was big, but not too big. It was still somewhat of a pain to get on him, mostly because we were in a hurry and trying to rush him through it.

Blessing Blank - My mom made a blanket for his blessing that she gave to us quite awhile ago (back when we thought we might bless him as a little guy...). Anyway, it is BEAUTIFUL! I got it out yesterday, and in an effort to get him excited, I squealed "It's your BLESSING BLANK!" and I threw it on top of him. He thought this was great fun, so we played the game over and over again yesterday and today. I am sure the humor of it all will wear off soon and I will have to think of some other crazy thing to do to make him laugh, as is usually the case.

Laughing - Speaking of laughing, he just started actually giggling just within the last couple of weeks. We LOVE it! He especially laughs when he gets his neck touched (or scrubbed) softly and today he laughed as I was putting his pants on. Come to find out, he is ticklish on his side. Oh man, it is fun to see him so happy.


lorrie said...

What a handsome boy you are in your tuxedo, Matthew! This has been a very special day for you and your family. We are so proud of you. Congratulations on your extra special day!! Although we couldn't be there in person, our thoughts and prayers were with you and mom and dad.
What a fun birthday party you had with mom and dad!! Your cupcakes look very yummy and fun. We are glad you had a taste!!
Watch for the post tomorrow, as your birthday package should arrive.
We love you, Matthew. It will be so very special and fun for us to see you in August! Keep smiling and giggling!!
Grandma and Grandpa Uhl

Sara and Stefano said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!!! 1 year old! What a tough and handsome little guy he is. He looks so happy! Glad he got over the influenza, and he's back home where he belongs.

Sara, Stefano and Stella Biasutti

The Kelley's said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!!! Wow, you had a great birthday, got lots of great toys!!! You have been through so much in the last year...what a fighter you are.

Ashley - I've read on carepages about his surgery. Did they decide to do the Nissen? I'm sorry it got postponed...I would have mixed feelings with things like that...happy it wasn't going to happen just yet, and then sad that it wasn't happening to just get it over with. If we ever get to the point of doing a Gtube if Aly doesn't start eating I will need to get in contact with you to see what you think abotu it. I hope everything else is going good or you.

Also, I'm glad he got over the flu also. If it's not one thing it's another. I was excited that RSV was over and now there is the swine flu crap! (sigh) It's never!


Memmotts said...

Okay, he is seriously the cutest 1 year old ever! He's gotten so big and so adorable. Hopefully I will be able to meet him some day.

Anna said...

So I remember coming across your blog when Matthew was first born...and then somehow I didn't get it added to my list of blogs to follow and I am so sad that I didn't. But alas I have found it again. Hello, ONE YEAR OLD?! I cannot believe it! It is soo neat to see the things that Matthew can do. I am proud of you, you seem like such a good mom. Way to go!

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