Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday S!

So I guess I didn't post about my Sweetheart's birthday. It was relatively uneventful...I mean, how does a 29-year-old's birthday compete with a 1-year-old's? :) We both packed on the pounds with ice cream cake and chocolate cheesecake bars. (I intended to give S the chocolate chip cheesecake bars to share with his coworkers, but I accidentally doubled the butter, so I had to make TWO pans instead of one. That meant, of course, that we kept one and home for ourselves!) I got him everything he needs to change the oil himself on both cars, assuming that he already had the ramps. Well, now we can't find the ramps, so I guess we will have to buy new ones. :( If anyone has them or knows anything of their whereabouts, if you would be so kind... We also took a little drive on Antelope Island. It is BEAUTIFUL, though it has its own beauty. We saw lots of bison and, of course, an antelope. We are excited to go there again sometime, as it is soooo big and we only had an hour.

We took our first family vacation with Boo this past weekend - Idaho Falls! It was fun to be with family again and it was really fun to take a road trip. Boo is an exceptional car seat baby. He sat in his little seat and talked to himself and made calls on his cell phone and slept the entire time. He didn't cry even once during the trip (3 hours each way), not even when he had a major blowout! Changing him in the front seat of the car was a new experience. :) He enjoyed the family quite a bit, and we were especially glad that he got to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa T, his namesake. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures on the trip. What can I say, I am just not a camera person. It does make for somewhat of a boring post however...sorry.

Speaking of Boo, he has made a TON of progress this past week. The Early Intervention nurse is about to come over and I can't wait for her to see! He started sitting independently, bearing a lot more weight on his legs, grabbing things out of containers (surprisingly difficult for little ones), bending over to reach for things, and I even saw him roll from back to tum once! This is a lot to have accomplished in one week! I am hopeful that things will go smoothly during and after his surgery (June 1st) so that we can get right back on track developmentally. Who knows what will happen, but I am hopeful we will not regress too far for too long.

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The Kelley's said...

Your last post made me laugh about the coughing in Sacrament meeting. We took Alyson to church for her first time on Mother's Day too and I was cringing the whole time, wondering if she was getting infected! :) So about her eating...(sigh) I am getting frustrated with it. She has been doing okay with it the last week or so, eating about 2 oz. at least 3-4 feedings in the day and we tubed the rest. Well today she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and just screams with the bottle in her mouth. There is a feeding conference up in Logan next weekend that our Up-To-3 lady put us in as a case study. Someone named Kristy Brackett who also works at PCMC is doing it (you may have met her already). So, free intervention I guess from a ton of people so I hope something comes out of this. We have an appt at PCMC on 6/1 so maybe after her appt I will come up to the surgery waiting room and see if you guys are still in there. I will be curious to see how he does with his feeding after this surgery. I hope it helps. If it does we may have to go down that road in the future but I hope not. I'll keep in contact!!! :)