Friday, February 18, 2011

As Heard From the Mouth of S

"What if I'm in a car crash and I become a vegetarian?"
-said in all seriousness while discussing life insurance/estate planning


Heather K. said...

Hahaha! I love that! Just read your dishwasher post too! :) Things like that are one drawback to home ownership for sure because you have to be the one that pays to fix it, not a landlord. We had to replace a water heater last year. :/ How is everything with your little family?

Audrey said...

AH! S, those Freudian slips of the tongue will get you! I see lots of veggies in your future; which by the way will be long and happy!

TC, Ashley said...

Ashley! I realized that I don't think I ever responded when you made a comment on my blog like what 3 months ago! So sorry. I looked at your blog and thought I did but I don't think I did. It is great to see your cute family. I would like to join that facebook group as well. I really do not get on facebook very much but I have been a bit more recently. Anyway, hope you are doing well!