Friday, April 4, 2008

Mission Reunion

Today was the second reunion of the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission that I have been to. (I have now been home for two years). My mission president was called as an area seventy in the church last year, so now he gets to come to Salt Lake from Chile every year for April conference. It is really fun to see him. This year, he spoke to us at Elder B's house. We were are very large group, and since S and I got there late, we couldn't see him at all while he was speaking. He reminded us that we need to be studying our scriptures daily and doing our best with moving forward in our families. He also talked about how we need to pay attention to the needs of our fellow missionaries, and that if there is a need, make sure to include him, so he can write a letter or give a call to the missionary in need. He told us that we need to stay worthy of our converts. I always love to hear him speak. He speaks with such authority, even now that we are not technically under his stewardship anymore. It is the Spirit. Anyway, the mission reunion was fun. There were plenty of friends/companions around, and lots of people I did not recognize as well. These pictures are of all the hermanas in attendance, and again with Presidente. I am in the picture, freezing cold.

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shadthehawk12 said...

What a fun picture, Ashley! You definitely have a "pregnancy glow" about you. Your mission president must've been so happy to see that you have followed his counsel!